Walter the Bus

When this bus is a-rockin, it’s time to come a-knockin.

Here’s the vehicle that started it all, Walter the Bus, a two-to-one-scale replica of a classic VW bus. Walter began his life in 1963 as a lifesaving airport crash truck built by the now-defunct Walter Truck Company. After many years of honorable service stationed at Luke Air Force Base, Walter was decommissioned and ultimately came to rest at the Gold King Mine in Jerome, Arizona, of all places, where in 2003 he was rediscovered, reconfigured, and reimagined as the world’s largest VW bus. But in a sense, Walter never really changed. He’s still saving lives in his own way by reminding us all to dream big, live big, take second chances, and above all, enjoy the ride.



  • Carries 50 comfortably
  • 30.7 feet long
  • 8.3 feet wide
  • 13 feet, 2 inches tall
  • 19,500 pounds


  • Large 360 degree sound system
  • 20,000+ Colored LED Lights
  • 7,000-watt generator
  • Wireless Audio/Lighting Sync
  • DJ Ready
  • Onboard Misting System


  • Round trip transportation to events
  • Setup and strike labor
  • Crew accommodations and transport